The Alliance Alive Debut Trailer – 3DS

The Alliance Alive Debut Trailer – 3DS

The trailer starts with a cutscene showing Garyl and Ursula talking to each other. After that, we get to see a bit of what seems to be the main town, and one thing becomes apparent right away: the game is quite clearly inspired by Bravely Default / Second. But that’s not all: the trailer also shows the overworld, dungeons, the interior of various buildings/facilities, a bit of battles, and some more cutscenes.

Having teased the title in the last few weeks, FuRyu has released the first trailer for The Alliance Alive, which is due out on the Nintendo 3DS during spring, 2017

Check out the Trailer:

“Masayo Asano returns from The Legend of Legacy as art director.  The scenario is being handled by Yoshitaka Murayama, the creator of Suikoden.

The Alliance Alive features a cast of nine playable characters in a world that has been taken over by the Asmodians. As a result of the Asmodian takeover of several thousand tears ago, “The Dark Chaos” has distorted the world, separating the few humans that remain. Though several years have past and the Asmodian rule is firmly cemented, the flames of human resistance have not fully faded. The game will take the player between characters of both factions, frequently crossing paths as the deeper narrative unfolds.

The Alliance Alive is set to release in Japan next spring.”

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