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Alice: Asylum
Alice: Asylum

Alice: Asylum Gets Script Outline

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Alice: Madness Returns is one of my favorite games. Was it perfect, no, but it continued American Mcgee’s dark horror take on the wonderland to great effect. That is why it hurts so much to watch the guy trying so hard to pitch the third game to EA. American Mcgee had been talking about the possibility for years but created a Patreon to try to showcase interest in the game as he slowly outlines the concept for the third game, entitled Alice: Asylum.

Recently American Mcgee took to Twitter to let fans of the game know a script for the game has been outlined. For the low price of $1 a month, fans of the series can support him and his team as they try to get the game greenlit, but also get full access to the outline of the script in PDF form. Being a supporter on Patreon doesn’t only get you the script but constant updates, and tons of artwork for the game.

Near the end of the outline of the game is a survey for fans to state their interest and provide any feedback on the script. This is giving a lot of power to his audience to help shape the game. Right now the plot of the game has been outlined as a Prequel to both existing games, exploring the mistreatment of Alice Liddle during her 10-year stay at Rutledge Asylum.

Right now is the best time to push for a new entry in the series. EA, which has historically been focused on the ‘games as a service’ model in their games has recently begun to lighten on that policy. Jedi: Fallen Order performed very and recently a remake of Dead Space was announced. With both of these intended as single-player experiences, could this trend continue with the long hypothesized Alice: Asylum? Only time will tell.

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