Alan Wake running from darkness
Alan Wake running from darkness

Alan Wake and For Honor Are Now Available for Free at Epic Games Store

As we’ve been promised, now For Honor and Alan Wake are available to be downloaded and played for free through Epic Games Store. You have the chance to make both of the titles yours until August 9, when they will be replaced by GNOG.

For those who haven’t played a Remedy game so far but are interested in Control, this would be a great opportunity to get familiar with the atmosphere of the Finnish studio’s titles. Alan Wake follows the story of a writer who returns to his home town after years but gets trapped within the tales and stories that he has written himself. The game is a third-person shooter with horror elements and supernatural enemies.

On the other hand, the standard edition for Ubisoft’s For Honor is also available for download. A third-person action game with heavy focus on 1v1 online battles with closed ranged weapons. For Honor has received a long-term support like most of the Ubisoft’s multiplayer titles, but you need to have season pass if you want to get access to new contents.

As of now, you have 4 days to add both games into your library at Epic Games Store.

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