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Akiba’s Beat ‘Asahi Tachibana’ Character Trailer

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Akiba’s Beat ‘Asahi Tachibana’ Character Trailer

Acquire have released the first in a planned series of character trailers for their upcoming game Akiba’s Beat. The first trailer introduces the main character Asahi Tachibana.

Asahi is a 19 year-old man who moved to Tokyo in pursuit of higher education, but dropped out and has since been living the NEET life in Akihabara. But one day, he encounters an “eroded delusion.”

Akiba’s Beat is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this fall in Japan and winter 2016 in North America.

Check out the Trailer:

“His opening line in the video is “I don’t want to work, and I’ll never want to work,” so you can probably take a guess at what kind of character Asahi Tachibana is. He says that he has no hopes for the future, but he also doesn’t want to die.

While Asahi may be lazy and hopeless for the most part and doesn’t show any shame as he constantly refers to himself as a NEET, but he seems to be an honest guy for the most part and determined to figure out what’s been going on in Akiba.”

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