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Adventures of Mana for PS Vita Launches Today in North America

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Adventures of Mana for PS Vita Launches Today in North America

No doubt a nice little surprise for some of you: Adventures of Mana has hit the PlayStation Store today on Vita in Europe/America with, as far as we know, zero warning from publisher Square Enix. The 3D remake of Game Boy classic Final Fantasy Adventure, it’s a relatively simple action role-playing game that’s cute and colourful.

This Vita version of the release is actually a port of the mobile edition which launched earlier this year in Japan. Square Enix had mentioned that it was looking into bringing the title to Sony’s handheld at some point, but no official confirmation was ever given – until now.

Priced at $13.99, the PlayStation Vita version will have little difference from its mobile brethren. Japan has already been enjoying a Vita version of Adventures of Mana for a while, but Square Enix was hesitant to bring it west.

Check out the Trailer:

“Our unlikely hero is one of countless gladiators indentured to the Duchy of Glaive. Each day, he and his ill-fated companions are dragged from their cells and bade to fight exotic beasts for the amusement of the Dark Lord. If victorious, they are thrown back into the dungeons with just enough bread to tide them over until their next match. But a body can only take so much, and it is never long before the weary captives succumb to their cruel fates.

The PS Vita version of Adventures of Mana features enhanced 3D visuals (the original was in 2D), revamped menus, and a rearranged soundtrack from the game’s original composer. The background music from the original version is also available in the game so if you want to go old school with the music, you totally can!”

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