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Advance Wars
Advance Wars

Advance Wars Switch Remake Delayed Into Next Year

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Those that were looking to declare war on their friends this holiday season in the Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp this holiday season will have to wait a little longer now. Nintendo has announced today that the Remakes of both the original Gameboy Advance games are in need of some extra time and will not be dropping until next year.

These remakes, which are being handled by the developers over at WayForward, were originally set to release on December 3rd of this year. Nintendo has now stated the game “a little bit more time for fine-tuning,” with no date outside of a Spring 2022 release window to look forward to.

While this is unfortunate, it is not the first game to be delayed out of 2022. I think most fans of the series will be ok with a delay or two as long as the game manages to recapture their childhood upon its eventual release. WayForward also has a solid track record with games of this nature so it is good to see they are given the runway they will need to allow the game to take flight.

The “Spring” window also hopefully means the title will dodge the busy rush of early 2022. February has seen yet another game added to its lineup of titles when Elden Ring was delayed, and it was already playing host to Horizon: Forbidden West and Saints Row.

Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp is a tactical RPG in which the play takes control of an army and fights in several large-scale battles across multiple grid-based maps. Each unit has different movement speeds, defense, attack, as well as terrains and enemy units they will be most effective against. Hopefully, this delay helps breathe new life into this franchise, similar to how WayForward was able to breathe new life into the Kunio-Kun franchise with River City Girls.

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