advance wars 1+2
advance wars 1+2

Advance Wars Will Have Online Multiplayer

Handhelds were always a complex thing when it came to playing games with your friends. Since obviously they only had one controller in terms of buttons you can interact with this involved fancy workaround being added. This included cables to link to devices together, passing the device back and forth between each other, and eventually, a reader that required close proximity to connect. This was also true for Advance Wars on the Gameboy Advance.

Advance wars is a tactical RPG in which two or more armies fight against each other along different terrain. The game had a multiplayer feature, allowing you and a few friends to go to war and see who came out on top. While it used to work by passing the system between each other, it is confirmed that for the Switch re-release that all you will need is an internet connection.

During the Nintendo Treehouse event, in which gameplay of multiple games was shown, this feature was confirmed with up to four players. While quickly linking up with your friends online should be easy, the switch will be the perfect system to play with friends locally as well.

Since most owners of a switch have two joy-cons it can be expected that players will not see any issue with meeting up and having an all-out war. It has currently not been stated if each game will act independently of each other, or similar to other remastered collections in recent years, have one unified set up for playing.

However it might be, playing with your friends has never been easier than it is today. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp will be available for the Nintendo Switch exclusively in December of 2021. The talented team at WayForward is handling the port.

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