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Activision Offers Advice to New Modern Warfare Players

To kick off the New Year and help new Modern Warfare players with some in-game Resolutions, Activision has offered some advice to those less seasoned individuals.

The first bit of advice comes in the form of suggesting gamers complete the Modern Warfare campaign. Conquering the campaign is a beginner’s opportunity to get a feel for the game’s controls, mechanics, and unlock some rewards for Multiplayer and Special Ops. For those who have already completed the campaign, Activision suggests tackling it again on Realism difficulty for a greater challenge.

Next, the publisher suggests being a Completionist. “Finishing everything in Modern Warfare requires more than only playing two or three weapons on a handful of playlists. Whether it’s going for Damascus Camo, completing every Officer Rank Challenge and Mission Set, or unlocking each and every weapon blueprint, try stepping out of [one’s] comfort zone this new year and become a completionist.” Completionists tend to be more versatile players, and there’s hardly a better way to increase one’s overall skill and Rank Up in the process.

Activision also recommends players “slide back into Special Ops.” Several Operations and Classic Special Ops have been implemented since Modern Warfare’s launch. Classic Special Ops award cosmetic items and weapon blueprints “for earning stars online.”

Moreover, the company advises soldiers to become better teammates, suggesting they will “earn more friends —and XP — by playing for [their] team. Whether it’s making a point to play objectives intelligently or shooting enemy killstreaks out of the sky, try incorporating more selfless strategies during the new year.”

Finally, Activision recommends introducing a friend to Modern Warfare. Doing so can add value to an organized team and help players operate under high levels of synergy to assist them in dominating the competition.

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