Modern Warfare Holger-26 screenshot

Activision Details Finishing Moves and Holger-26 in Modern Warfare

Activision has taken the time to offer tips on using Finishing Moves in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for players wanting to execute enemies with a flourish.

Players can equip finishing moves in the Operators menu; they can “select [their] Operator, head into the Customize submenu, and tab over to Finishing Moves. There [gamers] can choose any of the unlocked Finishing Move[s] that the Operator has.”

Once a Finishing Move is equipped, players only have to hold down the Melee button behind an opponent. “Each named Operator relies on their specific and preferred method of close-quarter combat. Minotaur, for example, prefers brute strength while Charly favors a baton. By default, each Operator comes with t heir own signature Finishing Move for both regular situations and when the enemy is laying prone.”

Season One also implemented new Finishing Moves that can be unlocked via Store bundles.

Along with the Finishing Move details, Activision detailed the weapon Holger-26, the fifth Light Machine Gun (LMG) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Players can unlock this weapon once they reach the free Battle Pass tier, Tier 15. “The Holger-26, in a sentence, is a hybrid weapon that sits between an LMG and an Assault Rifle. It categorizes itself as an LMG thanks to its default 100-round high capacity magazine. However, the magazine is the 5.56 NATO cartridge, the least powerful ammunition type within the LMG category.”

Moreover, the Holger-26 compensates for its low power with its small size, allowing for a high fire rate, a manageable recoil, and “some of the best mobility compared to other weapons in this class.” The weapon’s attachments as it levels up are what make the weapon stand out, however, as it “may not show its best side at a low weapon level, but can turn into a versatile threat as [players] gain more attachments.”

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