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Modern Warfare artwork
Modern Warfare artwork

Activision Sheds Light on New Modern Warfare Mode

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Activision has provided some insight on the new Modern Warfare multiplayer experience, Grind—a game mode that made its original debut in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Grind has also been available in other Call of Duty games under different names, such as Fracture and Stockpile. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, however, Grind “has its own set of objectives, rules, and strategies.”

Grind combines rules from Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, “adding multiple levels of tactics into an already tension-filled battlefield.” Players must pick up the dog tags of fallen players for kills and take them to an objective location for kills to count towards their team’s score. In addition, the objective rotates around the map.

Gamers can collect more than one dog tag at a time, and if they are killed while carrying dog tags, they will drop all the tags they’re carrying plus one more for themselves. Players can also collect their own teammates’ tags to deny enemies their score.

Moreover, Activision provided some tips for success when participating in Grind. “Certain objectives cater to different playstyles. Run ‘n gun and agile players (Assault Rifles and SMGs) should consider collecting tags and delivering them as their primary goal with the key focus of eliminating enemies as they go. If [a player’s] loadout allows [them] to move fast, [they can] use that to [their] team’s benefit.”

Activision goes on to suggest players with “sniping skills” should focus on neutralizing enemy players while gamers with Assault Rifles and SMGs collect the dog tags. Players with LMGs are well-suited for defending the objective area to deny members of the opposing team the ability to turn in their dog tags or support one’s own team while they deliver the ones they’re carrying.

Key tactics for Grind were also provided:

  1. Points over Kills — “Consider equipping Pointman to turn Killstreaks into Scorestreaks to benefit from objective play.”
  2. Reaching the Objective — “Consider using Snapshot Grenades to gain visibility on enemies near the objective and Spotter to see any explosives.”
  3. Risk vs. Reward — Players should balance trying to carry multiple dog tags to the objective with trying to stay alive long enough to deliver.
  4. Perks for Perfection — “High-Alert will keep [gamers] aware of all enemies, E.O.D. will reduce [one’s] damage to various lethal equipment, and Double Time will give [players] an extra boost to race to the objective.”
  5. Upgrades for the Field of Battle — “The Trophy System will prevent [gamers] from dying from thrown projectiles near the objective.”

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