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Activision and EA CEO’s Among The Best Paid In The Industry

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Activision and EA CEO’s Among The Best Paid In The Industry

According with a list of the best paid CEO’s in the gaming industry appear  the CEO of Activision and EA, one of the least favored publishers by hardcore gamers.

Players don’t approve some of the business tactics that EA takes part in, some hate the way that EA has managed the Star Wars and Titanfall franchise. Activision has suffered some backlash recently after the several hundred of employees lost their jobs.

Bobby Kotick, head of Activision, has the dubious honor of being the US game industry’s most overpaid CEO. He’s ranked at number 45 on the top 100, thanks to a $28,698,375 salary that’s 306 times more than the average member of staff. 92% of shareholders voted against his pay, and As You Sow believes he gets $12.8 million more than he should.

The report comes not long after Activision said it was laying off 775 people, or 8 percent of its workforce, despite generating record profits last year.

Also on the list is EA CEO Andrew Wilson at number 98. His $35,728,764 wages—371 times more than an average company worker—is said to be almost $20 million too much, and 97% of shareholders voted against it. Electronic Arts is also laying off staff, at its FireMonkeys studio in Australia.

Read the full article at – Techspot.

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