Action MMO Skyforge starts early access on Playstation 4

Action MMO Skyforge starts early access on Playstation 4

Developer Allods Team and global publisher proudly announces that its action MMORPG Skyforge is now available in Early Access on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, with North Amercian and European srver support.

About the game:

Set in the magical world of Aelion, players take on the role of fearless demi-god protectors of a planet under constant threat of invasion. Skyforge offers a unique mix of sci-fi and fantasy and ships to PlayStation fans worldwide, with more than a year worth of enhancements and content additions originally made for the PC client version. RPG fans can look forward to 14 wildly different classes that they can switch between on demand, and action fans will find combat mechanics they won’t come across in just any other MMO.

Check out the Trailer:

From publisher and developer Allods Team, Skyforge is a sci-fi MMO featuring action combat. The game casts players as one of fourteen immortals tasked with protecting their home world Aelion from the constant threat of invasion. We don’t know why the world is constantly under threat of invasion, perhaps they have large deposits of Unobtainium down there or the latest shipment of Nintendo Switch consoles? Either way, with fourteen classes you can switch between on the fly and combo-based combat, fighting off said invasions should at least be a bit of fun. Your character obtained the gift of immortality from your god, Aeli, but she’s long gone. Fortunately for the player, obtaining godhood themselves is a mere matter of some power leveling. Characters will eventually be able to unlock a Divine Form with access to powerful ultimate abilities. That should make those invaders think twice.

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