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Amicia and Hugo from A Plague Tale: Innocence
Amicia and Hugo from A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence Free Demo Is Now Available on Steam

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Amicia and Hugo, her little brother, have stuck in probably the darkest period of their life when a deadly disease is spreading all over the world and their country has been occupied by a brutal regime whose emperor seeks the little boy for some personal advantages. This a brief glimpse on the dark story of A Plague Tale: Innocence, which is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with a newly released free demo on Steam to give the game a try.

Revealed through a new trailer, Focus Home Interactive provided a free demo for A Plague Tale: Innocence on Steam, allowing players to take on the first chapter of the game and hopefully purchase it for the sake of the game’s compelling story and various gameplay mechanics. The good news is the game is available for $30.14 until tomorrow.

Asobo Studio, a team consisting of over 140 developers, cultivated A Plauge Tale: Innocence and launched it in collaboration to Focus Home Interactive in mid-May this year. The game was honored by overwhelmingly positive review scores, admiring its well-written narratives and realistic graphics.

In the game, players take the control of Amicia in an old era when Knights were the world’s best warriors. As Amicia, you have to go through different missions and find a way out for yourself and Hugo while everywhere is surrounded by deadly hordes of mouse and heavily armed guards. Aside from Stealth mechanics, there are some puzzles that you have to solve in order to make it out alive. Here you can check out the free demo trailer for A Plague Tale: Innoncence:

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