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Sparkypants Studios Announces Dropzone

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Sparkypants Studios Announces Dropzone

Dropzone will apparently be a 1v1 game with a set 15-minute time limit. players will control a three-man squad of “rigs” that can be customized with various loadouts. The game’s RTS elements will have multiple units vying for control of a map, while the MOBA elements will have head-to-head competition.

The team refined its approach to focus on creating a 1v1-only game that retained the team fight dynamics in MOBAs, but made the player focus their attention on the map and responding quickly to various events. They gave each match a set length, with easy to learn rules and victory conditions so a spectator can pick it up quickly.

Sparkypants claims that Dropzone is “The Revolution of Real-Time-Strategy”; the game is a one on one game where each player controls only three units. Like an RTS, the units can be controlled together or sent off to do separate tasks across the map, which is smaller than usual RTS maps. Five classes will be available to choose from, got like a MOBA feeling.

Dropzone will release for the PC for free this year.

Check out the E3 Trailer:

“Dropzone. The game will combine intense 1v1 multiplayer action with a deep amount of map control and customization.

Players will control a squad of three deeply customizable and powerful war machines, known as “Rigs”, in fierce fifteen minute battles. Players will be able to choose different pilots, Rigs, gear, and more in order to suit their play style.”

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