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Minecraft Realm Introduces Cross-Play across all platforms

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Minecraft Realm Introduces Cross-Play across all platforms

Mojang and Microsoft announced cross-platform play today for Minecraft Realms, covering Windows 10, Xbox One and iOS and Android.

Starting today, “The Friendly Update” allows Xbox Live, iOS, Android and PC players get together on dedicated servers. Players will be able to play with their friends, even if they are offline.

In addition, Realms will support GearVR players in cross-platform play as well.

The game will be getting texture packs and additional add-ons to Pocket Edition and Windows 10later this fall.

The big advantage of shared servers is that you can continue to build without restrictions, and that seems to be a feature of the Realms update, lowering barriers that were once there. Texture packs are now available on the pocket edition of the game and on Windows 10, allowing gamers on all platforms to share the same ability of changing how their Minecraft world will look.But, soon enough, texture packs aren’t the only features that allow gamers to modify their experience. The game will be revealing Add-ons for Minecraft this Fall.

Check out the E3 Video:

“Starting today, Minecraft: Realms, thanks to what’s known as The Friendly Update, will allow Xbox Live, iOS, Android and PC players to all play together thanks to dedicated servers. These dedicated servers will also allow players to host their own worlds, potentially hindering the current server system.

What’s more, GearVR players will also be able to be able to use cross-platform play, making Minecraft one of the first titles ever to allow for VR players to play with traditional gamers.”

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