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Death Stranding Official Logo
Death Stranding Official Logo

Here Is Nearly an Hour of Gameplay Footage from Death Stranding

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Three years after the official announcement of Death Stranding at E3 2016, we finally got to see the first lengthy gameplay trailer of the game just a few months ahead of launch. As it was promised, the gameplay footage arrived at Tokyo Game Show 2019 with Kojima himself appearing on the stage to describe different mechanics of the game and boast its all-new Social Strand System which he claims to be a brand new genre in the whole history of video games.

The gameplay footage kicks-off with Sam preparing himself for a long journey of delivering some suitcases to a certain place, which seems to be ordered by Die-Hardman played by Tommy Earl Jenkins. First things first, you need to accurately organize your deliveries and choose where to put each suitcase in order to avoid Sam from getting tired soon. Other than deliveries, you also need to wisely choose your assets considering the way you will be walking to reach your destination.

Fortunately, everything in the game seems detailed enough to challenge you in different ways. Climbing down to the valleys, crossing over rivers and walking through different weather conditions all will have their own influences on Sam and his deliveries.

Later in the trailer, we get to see multiple kinds of vehicles in the post-apocalyptic America that can be used by main character. Death Stranding will also feature both ranged and melee combats as well with some futuristic guns and cutting-edge weapons that could be entertaining to use against your enemies. Here you can check the whole footage out:

Furthermore, Kojima also launched a cinematic trailer as well, showing-off more of the game’s story and definitely generating some new unanswered questions for us.

Death Stranding will be launched on November 8 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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