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4A Games’ Secret VR Project Is Arktika.1: A Post-Apocalyptic Shooter

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4A Games’ Secret VR Project Is Arktika.1: A Post-Apocalyptic Shooter

Arktika.1 puts you in the shoes of a well-armed mercenary tasked with defending and supporting your small group of survivors in what’s left of a once prosperous city. The title is being built specifically for Oculus’ new Touch platform and will be released exclusively for the Rift headset, according to the game’s executive producer, Jon Bloch. Bloch explained that Oculus helped to fund the game and that he does not believe it would exist at all without their support.

Arktika.1 is currently slated for a “Q2 2017” release on Oculus Rift. An official price has not yet been set.

Check out the Trailer:

“At 4A Games, we pride ourselves on our ability to make immersive experiences, so creating ARKTIKA.1, a big, atmospheric VR shooter made a lot of sense,” said Andriy Prokhorov, co-founder and creative director at 4A Games. “ARKTIKA.1 is a full-blown ААА title, and we’re employing all of our accumulated experience making high-quality shooters, and also using a lot of new opportunities provided only by VR. Oculus has allowed us to take the immersion to a whole new level, and it would have been a shame to miss such an opportunity.”
“ARKTIKA.1 is everything you’d expect from the team of FPS experts at 4A Games, with a dark and gritty style that only they could achieve,” said Jason Rubin, head of content at Oculus.”

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