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Soap from Call fo Duty Modern Warfare
Soap from Call fo Duty Modern Warfare

10 Reasons to get Excited for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare is coming out this week on Oct. 25, 2019 and there’s a ton of reasons to get excited for it. Whether it’s how the gameplay feels or the new features the game will have, we think that there’s 10 reasons for you to get excited for Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

10. New Gunplay

If the Call of Duty series is known for anything, it’s the game’s gunplay. How you shoot, what you do before you shoot, and taking cover are all things necessary for shooting enemies, so what more can you possibly do in the game? Well you’d be surprised by what Modern Warfare has to offer. You have two different sprints, a regular sprint and a separate sprint where you hold your gun up in the air and run faster, though it may take a bit longer to ready your weapon.

Well what else can you do? You can also open doors for the first time in COD history. That’s right, you’ll be able to open doos and not only that, it’s made to be tactical as well. You can choose to open the door normally or just sprint right through, creating a huge noise. If you want to go in sneakily, you can crack open the door and shoot through cover. Additionally, kicking the door open works just as well.

Also, you can mount your weapon onto any wall, creating some absolute accuracy and having the ability to reload while aiming down sights. So if you were worried that this Call of Duty would play the same, you’d be wrong.

9. Battle Royale?

Now there have been talks that the new Modern Warfare will have a separate Battle Royale mode very similar to the Blackout mode in Black Ops 4. As it’s one of the game’s more highlighted gamemodes for the series that has been getting updated periodically, it would be hard to believe that the next game would not have a BR mode. Well it seems like that a Battle Royale is something that maybe completely possible. First there are a few leaks saying that a new BR mode would be coming out after the game’s release as a separate download. Furthermore we have gotten confirmation that the game will feature a 100-player mode. Well since Ground War is 64 players, it means that either that there will be a 100-player Ground War with a different name, or that a Battle Royale game mode will be coming to the game sometime after launch. Since we’ve yet to experience 100 players fighting in a beta so far, we can probably expect a Battle Royale mode.

8. Vehicles

So it’s been a while since we’ve gotten vehicles to ride in Modern Warfare, especially during normal fights. Well aside from Blackout which definitely needed vehicles for the big map, it seems like Modern Warfare is bringing them back to normal gameplay. Players with certain killstreaks can send down an airdrop for things like Tanks and Humvees to destroy the opposing team with. Well in Ground War, vehicles are abundant for the huge map complete with helicopters and team transporters. If you ever thought that the past Modern Warfares felt just a bit less-modern because of the lack of driveable vehicles, well this one is sure to please.

7. Ground War

Ground War is a classic Gamemode which got a huge and interesting overhaul since the previous games. Rather than just being 32 people on a map fighting each-other. The maps are way bigger, are full of the previously aformentioned vehicles, and are made for big battles that the developers of Battlefield would be proud of, except with less building destruction, but that’s fine. Since it’s a bigger fight to capture the control points on the map, you’ll have to think differently as being a one-man army will be hard to do with everyone running around.

Pair this up with all of the killstreaks that will be appearing during gameplay and the pure chaos of having vehicles around on a big map and we’ve got ourselves the classic big-battle mode that Call of Duty specialized in the past.

6. Gunsmith

So how much do you guys like guns in games? Don’t you just want to unlock more attachments to your AK-47 or maybe add a suppressor to your pistol so you can sneak around the map and backstab everybody? Well Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith is exactly what new players need. You’ll be able to to customize your weapon based off how many upgrade points you have. Of course even with this one limitation, you’ll be able to customize any weapon in your arsenal any way you want, given that you leveled the said weapon up. So do you want to get up close and personal and actually customize your guns? Well Modern Warfare brings it.

5. Cross-Platform

Modern Warfare is doing something that many AAA developers have possibly attempted to do for a long time and that is Cross-Platform play. That’s right, Modern Warfare’s multiplayer will be cross-platform across all consoles and PC players. So now players on console will be able to interact with the PC platform. That way, we can have the whole community interact with each-other rather than be segregated by a platform. Unfortunately that means that players will have to deal with different player levels, but hopefully that won’t be an issue.

4. No More Loot Boxes

Recently, loot boxes have taken a hit in popularity as most people consider them to be gambling. Well those same people will be happy as Modern Warfare won’t have any sort of loot boxes on release, which is a big surprise considering that the previous games utilized them. Well instead, we’ll be getting a battle pass in order to level up and get regular rewards, so if you hate loot boxes and just want to play the game with regular unlocks, then Modern Warfare will be for you.

3. Rebooted Campaign

The campaign has been fully rebooted with all of your favorite characters. These include Roach, Soap, and even Shepard. The campaign is set to be one of the more impressive stories for the COD series in a while as the reboot tackles events that are very much related to the real world and will be portrayed to be just as brutal, so if you’re looking for interesting story development, check out the campaign.

2. Realism and Night Mode

Realism is one of the more interesting modes in Modern Warfare as it pretty much reflects the small changes in order to make the game more hardcore. There are no reticles, no radar, and handicapped night vision. Realism will include plenty of night versions of the maps which will encourage players to use their night vision goggles which hinder the player a lot as you can’t aim down normally, as your goggles would get in the way of that. Now players will have to deal with a lot more hip-fire and laser sights if they want to survive realism.

1. Special Ops Survival

Special Ops will be coming to Modern Warfare, at least to the PlayStation 4 at first. The new survival mode will feature quite a few maps to fend off against waves of enemies who are trying their best to kill you. Unfortunately the reveal basically stated that the PS4 will be getting this mode first, making the other platforms wait. While grabbing new weapons during survival with quite a bit of customization during gameplay of fighting waves of enemies sounds cool, the cross-platforming and hearing that the PS4 gets it first may be a bit disheartening, but at least it’s only for a limited time.

Well what do you think, are there other things about Call of Duty that you’re looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.

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