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Zula Open Beta is Available Now

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Zula Open Beta is Available Now

It was announced today by IDC/Games and Mad Byte Games, that the Open Beta for Zula, after going through a short CBT, is live and ready in Spanish, Italian, English, French, German and Portuguese. Zula is a free to play multiplayer first person shooter set in real-world locations, where two enemy factions fight against each other on many different maps. The game contains multiple elements of competitive play, including a clan system, individual rankings and team rankings.

Check out the Beta launch trailer of Zula, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Zula is designed to achieve the best competitive environment and with E-Sports in mind. In the origin country of the creators of Zula, Turkey, there are already many teams and players competing every day on the highest level and currently this shooter is amongst the most popular of the genre.

Players can already sign up for the beta on http://en.idcgames.com/zula/ and wait for the E-mail notification as soon as the game is available.

Zula is a free-to-play online first person shooter. In Zula the players will discover real unique locations as Istanbul, Northern Iraq, North Korea, Brazilian favelas, Middle East or Bosphorus Strait, in both outdoor and indoor maps. Ten maps are available for now, all of them have their own particularities and offer a unique challenge. Players will totally immerse themselves in the world of Zula thanks to impressively realistic graphics.
Gamers can choose between two different factions of fighters: Zula, a group of vigilantes misunderstood as an organized crime syndicate and Gladyo, an international paramilitary force that has infiltrated almost every military organization worldwide.

The game contains various game modes. Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Free for All or Wanted.  Sixteen playable characters, inspired by popular TV heroes and with a unique background story, are available. In order to achieve an authentic feel, all character outfits and equipment are based on exact paramilitary specs. Moreover, the players will have the choice between more than 150 weapons and new ones are regularly added to the game as well as items.”

For more information on Zula, visit its official website.

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