Infinite Minigolf

Zen Studios Reveals Infinite Minigolf

Zen Studios Reveals Infinite Minigolf

It was revealed by Zen Studios, a leading developer of hit digital games like Pinball FX and CastleStorm, their new game Infinite Minigolf, the long-awaited sequel to the beloved Planet Minigolf. Launching on Steam Early Access on October 6, Infinite Minigolf combines exciting physics and dynamic environments with a deep course editor mode and community sharing system for the most addictive minigolf experience around!

Check out the announcement trailer of Infinite Minigolf, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The sequel to the beloved Planet Minigolf, Infinite Minigolf takes the classic gameplay presented in the original game to exhilarating new heights. Infinite Minigolf takes advantage of modern gaming hardware to create extremely accurate physics, cartoon-rivaling graphics, animation and detailed environments for a truly unparalleled minigolf experience.

Following in the footsteps of the original Planet Minigolf, Infinite Minigolf features comfortable and easy to learn gameplay, avatar customization and local multiplayer, making for a fresh and fun experience each time. In addition, Infinite Minigolf features a robust course editor, allowing players to utilize thousands of different combinations to build detailed courses to their liking. Players can imagine, create and share their courses with the Infinite Minigolf community and bounce their ideas off of each other. The possibilities are endless in Infinite Minigolf!

Infinite Minigolf features incredibly varied and deep environments, each one encapsulating a different visual theme and gameplay style. The Steam Early Access version of the game will feature the Giant Home stage at first, with more coming at a later date. Expect monthly updates, new features and a lot of content to hit the game on Steam Early Access before it launches next year!

Infinite Minigolf will be available for $19.99, with a $14.99 price point on Steam Early Access on October 6.

About Zen Studios

Zen Studios is a leading global producer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for all major digital game platforms, and is recognized as one of the premiere independent gaming studios in the world. Zen is an internationally renowned publisher headquartered in Budapest, Hungary with offices in the United States.

Zen Studios has worked with some of the largest brands in the world of entertainment, including FOX Digital Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, South Park, and LucasArts, as well as revered gaming properties like Valve’s Portal and TellTale Games’ The Walking Dead. Zen Studios’ CastleStorm franchise has also won the developer critical acclaim and commercial success, including the coveted Editor’s Choice awards from both the Apple App Store and Google Play.”

For more infromation on Infinite Minigolf, visit its official website.

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