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ZBlitz Released its 5.0 Major Content Update

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ZBlitz Released its 5.0 Major Content Update

Neobricks and GPM revealed today that Zombie Blitz (ZBlitz), a Free to play FPS game on Facebook Gameroom, has released its Version 5.0 with many new features and Halloween events.

Check out the update trailer of ZBlitz, featuring some gameplay footage:

New Features of 5.0 Update

  • New PvP Map, Rooftop, Special Halloween Drillship and Quarry maps
  • New Hunter, Miss K, sniper specialist
  • New Weapon, Halloween skin new weapons
  • Improved zombie realism while interacting with players and added new types of zombies

About the game

ZBlitz is Free to Play FPS game on Facebook Gameroom, the user plays the role of a hunter in a dystopic, post-apocalyptic world. However, what has to be hunted is not animals, only hordes of zombies. Like in classic railshooters, players need to fight their way through masses of infected. The player can choose his main hero among different characters, each having his own backstory and skillset. While progressing through the single player campaign, the user will be able to switch and upgrade her weapons. Multiplayer mode is available as well, where hunters from all around the globe can compete against each other — in Team Death Match, free for all or mission targets.

About NeoBricks GmbH:

Neobricks GmbH is a brand new Game Publisher based in Germany. NeoBricks stands for innovation and dedication, with which we can build anything we imagine or dream of. We are all creative and hardworking individuals with more than 13 years’ experience in the gaming industry in Asia and Europe, and currently service Tree of Life, Grand Chase M: Action RPG, JamesBomb and Zblitz.”

For more information on ZBlitz, visit its official Facebook page.

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