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Yakuza 7 protagonist
Yakuza 7 protagonist

Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon Promises to be “Definitive Pachislot Simulator”

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Sega recently released some new screenshots for Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon and they reveal tons of information on what you’ll be doing in he game.

People can be seen playing Pachislot, which is an interesting form of slots that people can play in Japan. Apparently, there’s around four real-life pachislot machines that you can interact with in-game. The first one is the Fist of the North Star machine. Additionally ther will be three different pachinko parlor chains as well.

Also, there is a Kart minigame where we can both shoot other racers and race to become the number one.

The Masterpiece theater is also a place where you can hang out in and and attempt to watch a movie in, unfortunately Sleepers in sheep masks will attempt to put you to sleep while trying to watch that film.

Well I think that the game will have plenty to do in order to make us more powerful and will be entertaining at the same time.

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