Xbox Reportedly Planning Family Plan for Game Pass featured image

Xbox Reportedly Planning Family Plan for Game Pass

Microsoft is planning to implement a family plan for Game Pass according to reporter Jez Corden. Game Pass is, of course, already a tremendously great deal, giving access to hundreds of games for a low monthly fee and is available across a variety of platforms including consoles, PC and streaming on the cloud on mobile devices and big releases on day one. However, one place that Game Pass may be lacking is in the family department.

Even with the tremendous value that you get from Game Pass, for a family of five, getting a subscription for the whole family is still a hefty price to pay every month. A family plan would allow the family to share access to the plan much like similar subscription services like Netflix and Disney+ and would be far more affordable than the current option.

According to Corden, Microsoft has been working on implementing such a plan for some time now, but a lot of details had to be worked out before the program could be implemented. Royalties would still have to be distributed, and third-party publishers would need to be compensated for licenses for users who aren’t attached to the main plan. However, according to Corden’s sources who are “familiar with Microsoft’s efforts,” they are now moving forward with an Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, which could launch sometime this year.

As of right now, it is unclear what form the plan will actually take, but Corden reports that paying for the new plan will give users access for five players to games across the entire library. There is no information on pricing at this time, but according to Corden it will cost less than five separate game pass subscriptions. There is also no information on whether the Family Plan will be its own separate tier, or exclusive to only the Ultimate tier.

There is no official word as to when this could be announced, but Corden feels that Microsoft could make this announcement in the “relatively near future.”

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