Wreckfest Console Version Announced

Wreckfest Console Version Announced

It was announced by Bugbear Entertainment, that since the Early Access launch of Wreckfest, they have been asked whether Wreckfest will be ever released on consoles, and now Wreckfest is officially coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4! And the best part? They’re already taking pre-orders so that you can jump in early and become active in the game’s development by providing feedback that will help shape the title into something even better before its final release. By pre-ordering now you will also make sure you’re be among the first to play the game when the first playable console version is released in Early Access!

Check out some screenshots of Wreckfest, featuring the visuals of the game:


In other exciting news we’ve teamed up with an investing partner for an entirely new game project. That’s right! Stuntfest is a wacky vehicle-based physics playground that will enable you to create your own mischievous levels using the easy-to-use in-game editor and then trying to accomplish all sorts of crazy ragdoll stunts with a choice of vehicles ranging from mobility scooters to shopping carts. Needless to say, the new game will be leveraging on our industry topping physics know-how and it will be something so cool that it’s guaranteed to keep even the non-racing game fanatics among you hooked for hours to an end. The title is currently slated for Early Access release this fall and you can already pre-order it for a super special introductory price.


To celebrate these exciting news we will be running our own special Late Summer Sale on our site with an  awesome discount (up to 50% off!)  on Wreckfest and Stuntfest. If you still haven’t experienced Wreckfest now is your chance so don’t miss out but grab your copy today dirt cheap and join the racing community! 

As always, thanks for sticking with us. The support we’ve received from you is nothing short of stellar, and we’ve been amazed at the quality of the content you’ve all been creating since the introduction of the modding support. Our team is very excited to bring the game out on consoles as well as to have an opportunity work on a complete new exciting title, Stuntfest. We’re confident that we will be hitting all the rights chords with our most dedicated fans among both PC and console players, and make no mistake about it: we couldn’t have made it this far without you. Thank you!”

For more information on Wreckfest, visit its official website.

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