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Worlds Adrift
Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift Alpha Playtest Sign-up Available Now

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Worlds Adrift Alpha Playtest Sign-up Available Now

It was announced today by Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread), the biggest playtest ever for Worlds Adrift, their upcoming physics-driven sandbox MMO set in a shattered world of floating islands. Players take the role of survivors, teaming up to build sky-ships and become scavengers, explorers, heroes or sky-pirates in a vast, mysterious open world.

Check out the Alpha Playtest trailer of worlds Adrift, featuring some gameplay footage:

“This upcoming playtest adds a myriad of brand-new features, including the Shipyard where players can create unique ship designs of any shape or size updated UI and controls, improved framerate, new creatures, and plenty more.

Bossa is also showcasing progression mechanics for the first time, allowing players to explore the Knowledge tree to learn how to build proficiency in certain skills, discover ancient databanks filled with rewards, and unlock pieces of lore that will give players insight into the history of the shattered world. 

Sign-ups start today at the game’s official site, https://www.worldsadrift.com/ , and run until November 18, with the playtest launching later this month.

Worlds Adrift is harnessing the unique abilities of SpatialOS, the distributed operating system for creating virtual worlds created by London-based technology startup Improbable. Using SpatialOS, Bossa Studios can create a huge universe able to provide unprecedented density of objects and items, abundant animal life with its own ecosystem and a persistent world where actions have real consequences: ships can be stolen, wrecks can be scavenged and each island’s forests and animal life can flourish or diminish.

Island Creator Update Launches

Bossa also announced  their newly revised and expanded Island Creator, available now for free on Steam. Using the Island Creator, players can create and upload unique islands, that may feature in the game itself. The simple but powerful toolset is being expanded with a host of new features for aspiring game designers to experiment with, including the ability to create complex ruins containing valuable loot, hide containers and chests that will spawn in the live game, encode murals and ancient databanks that need to be deciphered by other players to gain powerful knowledge, and much more. 

Bossa launched the original Island Creator for Worlds Adrift in April, and players have already hand-crafted over 2,000 wildly creative islands, with more than 100 player-designed islands making it into the recent Alpha test version of the game. Check out some of the more elaborate creations in this video.”

For more information on Worlds Adrift, visit its official website.

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