World Word War
World Word War

World Word War Set To Transform The Industry

World Word War Set To Transform The Industry

It was announced by the developer Anthony Gerald Fitzsimons, his new game World Word War, a language-learning game but on steroids! The language game industry will be changed forever. The game is planned to launch on May 2017.

Checkout the trailer of World Word War, showcasing the developer explaining the games’ features:

“No longer will turning on a language learning game feel like picking up a brush to sweep the floor. It’s no longer a chore. World Word War gives much more. Perfect for children to learn up to 6 different languages, or the adult geek that wants to start learning Japanese. Show me a geek that does not want to better understand those great Anime movies and I will show you an impostor!

Don’t you hate it when in a language game it says “Apple” and when you click on an apple, in that boring picnic scene, it just says “correct”, and then that’s it? No consequences, no story. In World Word War language explodes with action. Every word has an immediate influence and progresses the future story, giving your mind a sense of purpose instead of nothing. That’s how when you play World Word War the words seep into your head without you even trying to remember, just like in that movie “invasion of the body snatchers”. The secret is that simple! Plus the ridiculous high-octane entertainment never seen in a language-learning game before also helps.


  • Hand-drawn art style similar to “Castle Crashers” and “Super Meat Boy”.
  • Learn hundreds of words of a new language without even trying to.
  • Dozens of characters.
  • Available at launch with 6 languages to learn: Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Filipino and English. With more to follow after release.
  • Elements of randomness.
  • Fight for freedom through multiple landscapes.
  • Battle tones of unique mini-bosses and main bosses.
  • Unlock achievements with various challenges.
  • Music similar to the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” soundtrack.

I’ve taught English while living in China and the Philippines. But this time I need help on Kickstarter to finish the game. A game that will make it easier for even more people to experience the joy of learning a language. It’s on Kickstarter now.”

For more information on World Word War, visit its Kickstarter page.


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