World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz Halloween Event is Now Live

World of Tanks Blitz Halloween Event is Now Live

It was announced by, that from October 10 to November 7, you have to choose a side in World of Tanks Blitz.

On a dark and stormy night, half a millennium ago, a great battle took place between the forces of Light and Dark. This clash of supernatural warriors lasted all night, and it was only when dawn’s light pierced the horizon that the Light was victorious. However, before the forces of Dark disappeared, they left a terrifying prophecy: one day, they would return. Now that time has arrived in the World of Tanks Blitz Halloween Event.

Check out the halloween event trailer of World of Tanks blitz, featuring a cinematic trailer introducing the halloween event:

“Will you fight for the forces of Light or Dark? In a special Halloween event for World of Tanks Blitz, you get to choose from two unique and ghastly Premium vehicles. Dracula, the Prince of Darkness, often known for turning into a bat, has taken on a new form: a T6 Dracula Premium Tier VII medium tank, which has an ultra-fast track repair time of just two seconds.

In his attempt to corral the forces of Dark, only one thing stands in his way. Is it daylight? Garlic? A sharp wooden stake? No; the silver bullet is the Helsing H0 Premium Tier VII tank destroyer, the ultimate force for Light. This vehicle’s double-barreled gun should be more than enough to dispense justice on the battlefield.

Once you have chosen your vehicle from within the very spooky Garage, you must earn special event currency—Tokens of Light and Seals of Darkness—which can be exchanged to reach the next mission stage. Battles can take place on a special Halloween-themed map that you can randomly jump into. As a reward for completing each event stage, you can cash in on extra credits and Free Experience. After conquering the final stage, the Premium tank used will be your prize, as well as three days of Premium Account time. For the more mercenary player out there, who can keep their wits together and battle through all 15 missions, both terrifying tanks will be yours.”

For more information on World of Tanks Blitz, visit its official website.

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