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World Ship Simulator
World Ship Simulator

World Ship Simulator Gets a Modding Feature

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World Ship Simulator Gets a Modding Feature

It was announced today by Excalibur, that as they are preparing for the boxed launch of World Ship Simulator, that  launched into Early Access on Steam in late 2015 and has enjoyed much updating in the period since its initial launch, the much awaited modding feature is available now. This new feature allows the player to build their own ships and then set sail on the open seas.

Check out the announcement trailer of World Ship Simulator, featuring some gameplay footage:

“About World Ship Simulator

In a fictitious environment but with landmarks drawn from around the world and challenges inspired by real-life ports, this vibrant simulator comes alive with a host of thrilling new dynamics and challenges drawn from life on-board.  The original version featured three new and three remodelled ships to offer a broad experience of all aspects of shipping and sailing.  Using Unity 5, the new development team has brought together a number of new features designed to stimulate the die-hard enthusiast.  These include a brand new career mode with complete missions that are challenging to complete and truly develop the player’s experience. The open-world environment allows for sailing between the three ports that are available with this Early Access version. 

Ships & Vessels

The three new vessels are the tugboat, hovercraft and cruise liner.  We have also remodelled three of the most popular ships from European Ship Simulator.  These are: the port boat, an essential vessel for large ports, yacht and the bulk carrier. Each one presents specific challenges you’d expect to move these vessels out of the harbour.  In addition there is an unlockable fishing boat as well as Steam Workshop models available to download including an oil tanker and many others. 

Career Mode

In this mode the player will need to select and complete a variety of missions bespoke to the vessel. Whilst these may prove moderately easy to complete in the early stages, as with building a career in real life, the challenge increases to test your skill.  Successfully completing a mission will unlock further missions, each presenting increasing difficulty whilst allowing the player to earn money and demonstrate a proven skill level.”

For more information on World Ship Simulator, visit its Steam page.

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