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World Eternal Online
World Eternal Online

World Eternal Online Gets Gameplay Outline

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World Eternal Online, an upcoming Cooperative MMO which will be using blockchain technology, has showcased its first key look at gameplay. While the team behind the game, Core Loop,  plans to dive into each element of the game later, more focused articles, today we have finally been given a key look into what we can expect from the game.

WEO uses a top-down camera with point-and-click gameplay. That coupled with the game’s focus on hero characters for the player to control should make the game feel familiar for players of MOBA’s. That being said, the game features a “dynamic world changes as players work together to unlock new areas, events, and dungeon” as well as featuring the ability for players to “encounter many different types of monsters, raid bosses and PvP battles.”

The core of the game should feel familiar to fans of Genshin Impact as it has a strong focus on collecting heroes. There will be 40+ heroes to select from when the game launches and they can be switched out on the fly provided the player is not in combat. Every hero has 4 skills and even heroes with similar elemental types should play differently. Some characters will even have rare varients with different abilities.

Characters level up by absorbing other heroes and their traits. Some of these characters as they become more powerful and rare will even become NFT’s or Non Fungible Tokens, though what they will fully mean for the player I am not really sure.

Another major element in the game seems to be crafting. Everything in the game must be crafted from resources that players gather from the world, as well as from monsters in order to “ensure a vibrant economy where resources are constantly consumed.” The game will also have player-run towns where players can take roles such as blacksmith, pet breeders, and more.

All in all World Eternal Online sounds like it is drawing from a lot of popular games and genres to craft itself a unique experience. If you would like to read the full introduction to gameplay, please do so here.

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