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Wonky Ship
Wonky Ship

Wonky Ship is available Now on Steam

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Wonky Ship is available Now on Steam

Kiz Studios announced that their award winning, reflex-testing arcade game Wonky Ship has made the jump to PC, and is now available on Steam. A new set of exclusive Steam Achievements has been added to the game to celebrate the launch.

Check out the trailer of Wonky Ship, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Torturing gamers is tons of fun – now it’s time to see if the PC crowd can defy waves of certain death to claim a top score,” grinned Kiz Studios Director of Publishing, Craig Albeck. “Steam is a great platform for challenging arcade games like Wonky Ship, and the competitive aspects – like leaderboards and live PvP – add even more fun to the mix.”

“Wonky Ship is a fast-paced arcade game where your task is simple — keep your spaceship from falling into the black hole. You can take it slow and steady, tapping your thrusters as you dip and dodge meteors, or put things in overdrive to flip out and earn some score multipliers. The longer you stay alive, the higher your score.

Wonky Ship will be available for both PC and Mac users.

Wonky Ship Features:

  • Outmaneuver a vicious, plasma-fueled black hole as long as you can.
  • Jump in and play instantly! There’s no long tutorial, or respect for your safety.
  • Earn points to score big and dominate the global leaderboard.
  • Challenge other players in Multiplayer Mode. Force your opponents’ ships into the black hole and start losing friends at lightspeed.
  • Relax. Zone out. Embrace constant death on your way to greatness!

About Kiz Studios:

Kiz Studios is an independent game developer with offices in Atlanta, GA, Charleston, SC and Leamington Spa, UK. With hits like the cross-platform battler, “Might & Mayhem”; PlayStation 4 action brawler, “Trans-Galactic Tournament” and frenetic space puzzler, “Wonky Ship” — featured by Apple in their “Best of 2015” apps — Kiz Studios bends genres and blurs the lines between casual and hardcore, making accessible games for a global audience.”

For more information on Wonky Ship, visit its Steam page.

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