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witchfire gets playtest
witchfire gets playtest

Witchfire Finishes First Playtesting

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During The Game Awards in 2017 a game called WITCHFIRE Debuted in a one minute trailer. In said trailer we were treated to haunting locals, creepy monster, and fast paced gunslinger action. Since then however the game has remained relatively quiet. However a recent post by developer The Astronauts has given us some insight  as to where development stands.

Recently the team behind the game, which currently stands at 9 people, invited some industry friends to play the game in a playtest. They were quick to state however that this does not mean the game is nearing the end of it’s development. The big question for them this time around was if the difficulty was right.

WITCHFIRE is intended to be a challenging game but it appears they still have tweaks left to make on that end. They themselves have previous referred to game as being “Dark Souls of shooters.” However with the fast paced action the game aims for it might feel more like Bloodborne.

Another reason why they held playtest, especially as early as they have, was to make sure the game was fun. Spending as much time as they were on the project of course their opinion would be somewhat biased on this front.

And what exactly was learned from the playtest? Well, a lot for the team but very little for us. In summation the blog post states:

But what have we learned specifically? Well, that’s hard to reveal without spoiling the game. Let me just say we have a long, long list of things to work on.

There is far to much in the actual post to go over so I will let you read the full thing here. Even without more information there is enough to get excited about. The Astronauts previous work The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is not only an enjoyable experience but looks beautiful as well. Not to mention that Adrian Chmielarz, the man behind Painkiller and Bulletstorm, is Directing.

Obviously there is no release date as of yet. Hopefully this playtest will help them create an exciting game.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via TwitterYouTube and Facebook for more gaming news.

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