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New Windwalker Expansion Hits Conquer Online Today

New Windwalker Expansion Hits Conquer Online Today

It was announced by NetDragon, that the first expansion of Conquer Online in 2017, Might of Shadow Fan is finally making its debut today! As the inferno struck the peace, Windwalkers, undergoing a silent retreat over a hundred years, are returning to fight against the evil! Massive bonus events To celebrate the release of Windwalker, CO is providing massive bonus events for all players. The returning heroes can also experience Windwalker with free gears. In addition, CO has invited a senior player to present a live stream of the new class. Watch the live show to win +8 stone, iPhone7 and other stunning gifts!

Check out the Expansion trailer of Conquer Online, showcasing the features of the new Windwalker class:

“New Class with Innovative Gameplay and Deadly Damage

As an innovative class, Windwalker can freely switch his roles between Stomper (melee) and Chaser (ranged) wielding generic weapons. With significant recovery of Stamina and active skills that drain enemies’ Stamina, Windwalkers are able to hamper the battlefield better. Undoubtedly, with the arrival of Windwalkers, the game will undergo dramatic changes in the battlefield and advance into a new era!

New Interactional Livestream Chanel

To enhance players’ knowledge of Windwalkers, CO will organize two live streaming events which show and explain everything about the new class. All players can expect that a senior player with extensive experience controls a +12 Windwalker to sweep across the battlefield, and a hot girl from the Middle East prepares plenty of entertainment events and challenges extreme punishments! Watch these shows to get a super gift pack worth 2,765 CPs and win excellent rewards like +8 Stone, Permanent Store, tremendous CPs, and even an iPhone7!

Massive Free Gifts and Beyond-Value Events For Returning Players

Conquer Online is here for you always, no matter what reason you left temporally. Now, all eligible returning payers can claim a full set of Windwalker gears, as well as tons of CPs and rare garments, which allows you to play the new class for free and step ahead! There are also massive beyond-value events waiting for you, including Super Sales with bottom prices and Grand CPs (B) Exchange with the highest rate as 1:5 and an exclusive rate as 1:10 for the returning players! It’s time to rewrite your own legend!”

For more information on Conquer Online, visit its official website.

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