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Willy-Nilly Knight
Willy-Nilly Knight

Willy-Nilly Knight is Coming Soon

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Willy-Nilly Knight is Coming Soon

It was announced by Double Dice Games, that their fantasy tactical open-world RPG with turn-based battle system Willy-Nilly Knight will be available on 18 May, 2017. You will become Arthur, the reluctant hero in the middle of strange and unexplainable events. An intriguing story, a beautiful fantasy world and a plenty of charismatic NPC awaits you in this game. Furthermore the fascinating and well-balanced battle system will give pleasure for advanced tacticians.

Check out the early alpha trailer of Willy-Nilly Knight, showcasing the games’ features:

“Key features:

  • Only for true strategists. The tactical battle system of Willy-Nilly Knight will force you to show your best. Plan your actions carefully. Find the combination of skills for each situation. Choose the best options to solve every problem and you will become a true hero.
  • Equipment does matter. Loot defeated enemies for better armor and weapons or craft it by yourself. Every piece of equipment could change your play-style and potential of your team.
  • A beautiful, beautiful world. An art style of Willy-Nilly Knight perfectly suits for calm leisure evenings. You will be a hero of your own adventure with a pinch of humor and a dozen of Easter eggs for those fond of movies and British folklore.

Willy-Nilly Knight will be available at Steam on 18 May, 2017.”

For more information on Willy-Nilly Knight, visit its official website.

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