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Wave Race
Wave Race

Wave Race Director Shinya Takahashi Hints that the Series may Return Soon

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Wave Race Director Shinya Takahashi Hints that the Series may Return Soon

At the BAFTAs, where Nintendo got three awards, General Manager of EPD Shinya Takahashi – who worked on both Wave Race 64 and Wave Race: Blue Storm – was asked about the possibility of Wave Race making a return.

He then said:

“You may see that game again. We have been trying to make many games and that may be one of them … I personally love Wave Race!”

As NintendoLife stated in a post on their website:

“Given its long and proud history, it goes without saying that Nintendo is sitting atop a mighty goldmine of IP, much of which lies dormant at the present moment in time.

One such sleeping series is Wave Race, which began life on the Game Boy back in 1992; it might not be one of the most popular franchises Nintendo has worked on, having just three entries, but its is nevertheless beloved by fans.

Back in 2016, Nintendo applied to renew the Wave Race trademark in Europe. Takahashi’s comments suggest that we couldsee this series getting revived sooner rather than later – perhaps it will be one of Nintendo’s announcements at E3? Or maybe he’s talking about a re-release of Wave Race 64 or Wave Race: Blue Storm on Switch?”

About Wave Race

Wave Race is a 1992 personal watercraft racing video game developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Game Boy. It is the first game in the Wave Race series. The game is relatively simple, in that the player controls a jet skier around a track aiming to beat the computer or up to three friends using the link cable accessory.


There are two modes in which the game may be played:

  • Slalom
    The goal is to race through pairs of posts across the track. Each one passed through increases the player’s score by one point. The player with the most points once all posts have been taken wins.
  • Race
    A race in which the player must proceed through certain checkpoints and complete each lap in a time limit. Two powerups are available on the track. The dolphin gives the player increased turning ability, while the octopus allows the recipient to steal from opponents.

In both modes there are a variety of obstacles including ramps, shallow water and whirlpools. There are eight tracks for each mode.

The game includes sixteen courses. The tracks have obstacles (buoys, pylons) and jumps. Players begin at a slower class of watercraft and graduate to faster engines. Players can also use a limited turbo boost. The game features four-player multiplayer.”

For more information on Wave Race, visit Wave Race 64’s Nintendo page. For more news, visit our website.

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