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WarScrap: A New Kind of .IO Game Announced

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WarScrap: A New Kind of .IO Game Announced

WarScrap Studio announced today the launch of their debut title WarScrap.io! Inspired by games like Warframe, Firefall, and Halo; WarScrap explores a new approach to the trending .io game genre taking the web by storm! Thanks to the rapid evolution of web-based technologies such as WebGL, HTML5, and Websockets, WarScrap.io was made possible today.

Check out the gameplay video of WarScrap.io, featuring some gameplay footage:

“While most .io games today are 2D, with a focus on casual competitive gameplay in the browser. We decided to take it up a notch! WarScrap offers a unique cooperative gameplay style, where players join forces to battle a relentless invading machine army! The primary objective is to defend your base and several core reactors in a 3D, micro-open world enviroment. Compete for the highest rank on the leaderboard, and earn cores (in-game currency) to unlock additional gear and weapons to aid in the fight against the machines.

Based on the details so far this might sound a bit intense, but you’ll be surprised to find how easy the game is to play for casual gamers, while appealing to those mid-core and even hardcore gamers seeking some quick, quality action in the browser!

Visit WarScrap’s official website, give it a moment to stream the awesomeness to your browser then click “Play as Guest” to jump right into game! If you enjoy the first 60 seconds, we strongly advise to logout and create an account to save your progress. The gameplay and fast-paced action can get addicting rather fast!

About WarScrap Studio

We are an independent game development studio based in Miami, Florida. Our team consists of small, but passionate and dedicated talents with fresh ideas! We enjoy fusing game mechanics & producing original titles for a casual to mid-core player base.”

For mor einformation on WarScrap, visit its official website.

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