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Warface Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2018

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Warface Coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2018

It was announced by Crytech that soon, gamers around the world will be able to enjoy Warface on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Warface is a truly global game that unites the fans around the world. Players from over 175 countries have joined the confrontation between Warface and Blackwood. Millions play this game, and the number keeps on increasing.

Check out the announcement trailer of Warface, featuring some gameplay footage:

Crytech said in a Steam community post:

“Have you ever dreamt of seizing the crown in Battle Royale lying on your sofa with a gamepad in your hands? Or clearing Anubis, whilst enjoying the ancient tombs on a huge TV screen in the comfort of your living room? Those dreams and more will turn to reality very soon.

Tell your console buddies all about the new age of Warface, as no matter how powerful you are – being one-man army is just no fun. Don’t forget that you will receive cool gifts just for signing up for the CBT.

A separate team has been composed to work with Warface on consoles, so the attention given to the “original” PC version will not be lowered in any way.

Enjoy combat the way you prefer… and stay tuned!”

About Warface

Master the unique skills of each class in co-op to help your team seize victory. New daily missions offer fresh challenges and rewards. Try them on on Easy, Hard and Insane difficulties!

Versus matches allow up to eight players to test their mettle in a range of competitive modes. Whether it is “Team Deathmatch”, “Plant the Bomb”, “Free for All” or “Blitz” – do your best and earn your place at the top!

Unlock a vast array of weapons and tweak them to personal perfection by utilizing multiple upgrade slots. There are also plenty of ways to enhance your soldier’s stats. 

Easy to learn. Hard to master!”

For more information on Warface, visit its Steam page. For more gaming news, visit our website.

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