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Vulture Releases its Patch 1.1.2 and Gets a Discount on Steam

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Vulture Releases its Patch 1.1.2 and Gets a Discount on Steam

Cubic Timeline Productions Inc. announced that the newest version of Vulture is now live! Get it now for 40% off in the Steam Store sale! Vulture is a vertical shooter inspired by classic vertical scrolling arcade shoot em ups.

Check out the launch trailer of Vulture, featuring some gameplay footage:


Vulture is a build-em-up arcade shooter with a retro aesthetic. In Vulture, the player controls a drone provided by the local military as it engages various types of enemies who have invaded the planet. As the player progresses through 9 levels of intense combat, they will encounter increasingly larger and more powerful enemies. Players are ranked at the end of each level based on their score and number of enemies destroyed. High rankings give better rewards!


Destroyed enemy drones will drop credits, power-ups and blocks that the play can use to improve their drone. Players can use the in-depth build screen to create new designs of drones to use. As the player progresses, they will unlock larger templates to build their drones. The design grid starts at 8×8, but increases up to 32×32 by the final levels.

Blocks used in the construction of drones all have specific attributes that change how the players drone will function. All blocks have Power and CPU costs that must be met using system blocks in order for the drone to be able to function.

  • Hull Blocks: Increase durability and provide structure
  • Wing Blocks: Increase maneuverability
  • Weapon Blocks: Provide firepower
  • System Blocks: Provide Power and CPU for weapons
  • Shield Blocks: Provide additional protection
  • Engine Blocks: Increase speed
  • Legendary Blocks: ????????

Version 1.1.2 of Vulture includes the following changes:

  • New Tutorial with additional interaction and explanations
  • Block and item balancing
  • All achievements fully functioning
  • Additional audio equalization

We paid close attention to the comments from our players and we re-designed the tutorial based on their feedback. We made the tutorial more interactive and made it more obvious how blocks interact with each other.”

For more information on Vulture, visit its Steam page.

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