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VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club
VRFC Virtual Reality Football Club

VRFC Launches Tuesday March 6th for PS VR

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VRFC Launches Tuesday March 6th for PS VR

It was announced today by Cherry Pop Games that he world’s first VR soccer game, VRFC, launches Tuesday March 6th on PlayStation VR, Oculus and HTC Vive.

Check out the launch trailer of VRFC, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Created in Unreal, and utilising Cherry Pop Games K4 physics system, so you can bend it like Beckham, VRFC allows you to kick, dribble, tackle, pass, cross, head and shoot in VR, with a first of its kind implementation of Agile locomotion™, never before seen in VR. In fact, VRFC features full body simulation and animation. No more floating hands and feet!

With up-to eight players online, VRFC is a competitive online and crossplay compatible VR title like no other, where all the action and movement shines in a 1st person viewpoint. With a smooth 90fps frame rate, VRFC offer more than just fun; it offers an energetic and engaging upper body workout that will keep you on your toes until the final whistle. As with the sport itself, VRFC is easy to play but harder to master, and with a range of training activities you can develop your skills to become a true legend of the game.

Shortly after launch, a companion app will be released for iOS and Android devices, adding first person play between mobile and VR devices.


  • Agile Locomotion™
    A Innovative form of locomotion lets you run, sprint and kick a ball in VR with no physical discomfort.
    Feel the wind in your virtual hair and the turf under your virtual boots as you take position on the VRFC pitch and play to win.
  • The worlds first FPF (first-person football game)
    A first person soccer game, played in VR where you control the running, dribbling and kicking motions with the unique agile locomotion mechanic, giving you the abilty to play a a game of football in VR
  • Burn Calories
    VRFC is Energetic and fun, an innovative upper body workout burning calories as you play, Virtual reality is a great place to work out as you’re transported to world of fun and games.
  • Cross-Play
    Available at launch on Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Players will be able to play and chat online across all 3 major platforms”

For more information on VRFC, visit its official website.

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