Voodoo Plans “Leap Of Faith” At Milan Games Week 2016

Voodoo Plans “Leap Of Faith” At Milan Games Week 2016

It was announced by Brain In The Box, that they have been hacking at the multiplayer open-world survival game Voodoo for over a year now. No small task for an Italian indie game development studio’s first title. Voodoo’s Gamescom trailer revealed enough to be excited about. However, it’s the remark in the wake of Voodoo winning the Modena Nerd Indie Award that’s of real interest.

Check out the announcement trailer of Voodoo, featuring some gameplay footage:

“We’ve decided to take a leap of faith,” says Paolo Chiaramello, Brain In The Box’s CEO. “We’re going to take a primal leap and challenge the gods at Milan Games Week 2016.”

“Let’s rewind a moment to Modena Nerd, where Brain In The Box made three main feature highlights.

  1. Colossi Known As The Izimu: Brain In The Box pays homage to Shadow of the Colossus with its godlike race of Izimu. This is clear enough if you watch the trailer or check out their devblog. However, it was only discovered at Modena Nerd that fans will be battling a lot more of those giants than expected.
  2. Prehistoric Engineering: Voodoo players are going to become civilization’s first engineers through a multifaceted crafting system. This includes the ability to combine material to make up to 8000 different weapons, as well as build infrastructure such as housing and booby-traps. Brain In The Box flashed a little concept art on these plans.
  3. Primal Fashion: In Voodoo, players begin the game stark naked with nothing but their wits. In fact, the nudity seems to have been a blow under the belt for some. However at Modena Nerd, Brain In The Box gave us a glimpse of what primal fashion will look like in the game. It’s safe to imagine that “clothing/nudity” at game start may be an adjustable censorship option.

These feature highlights were however nothing that were being kept under wraps. According to IndieGala – Voodoo’s publisher – full release date is scheduled for early 2017. So what “leap of faith” was Chiaramello referring to at MGW16?

A recent Facebook post by Brain In The Box provides a few clues:

Into The Blood Lands…

Stay tuned. Brain In The Box will be making the biggest announcement onVoodoo yet at #MGW16. This announcement will be:

  1. A gigantic “Thank You!” to all of our supporters so far…
  2. A huge invitation to hardcore survivors…
  3. A challenge of colossal proportions…”

For more information on Voodoo, visit its official website.

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