Vive Le Roi

Vive le Roi Will be Available on Steam this February

Vive le Roi Will be Available on Steam this February

It was announced by publisher Meridian4 and game developer Sylvain Seccia, their newest game, Vive le Roi (Long Live the King). Vive le Roi is set for release on Steam on on February 14, 2017. The game is a 2D adventure puzzle game for casual gameplay, Vive le Roi takes place during the French Revolution. Your mission is to save King Louis XVI of France from execution by making your way through 30 levels of puzzles, tricking guards, opening gates and moving objects.

Check out the teaser trailer of Vive Le Roi, featuring some gameplay footage:

“While playing Vive le Roi, you’ll keep telling yourself ‘just one more try’ so you can get the perfect score,” says Jeff Giasson, Founder of Meridian4. “That’s a sign of a quality game and is one of the reasons we decided to work with Sylvain.”

“The feeling was mutual – Seccia was drawn to Meridian4 by their commitment to helping indie publishers and gamers connect. “I decided to sign Vive le Roi with Meridian4 because I appreciate indie publishers and I liked its game list,” he writes. Vive le Roi was a good fit for both parties.

Solve puzzles and save King Louis XVI of France from the revolutionaries – before they execute him and take over the assets of the clergy and the nobility. You are the last hope. Can you alter the country’s destiny?

About Sylvain Seccia

A French author, game programmer and designer, Seccia is known for his indie games and projects. He wrote and programmed more than 40 small free games for websites and computer magazines between 1996 and 2000. More recently, he published Désiré on Steam in May 2016; a poetic point-and-click adventure game set completely in black and white. In addition to his indie games, he has also written software and applications, including Adventure Game Engine (AGE) and Seccia.”

For more information on Vive Le Roi, visit its official website.

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