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Viking Explorers Update Released for Total War Battles: Kingdom

Viking Explorers Update Released for Total War Battles: Kingdom

The Vikings are known for their infamous raids and seafarers, and now they have landed in your kingdom… but this is no invasion. Gathering in an era of cooperation, they are offering their mighty warriors and seafaring expertise to your growing Kingdom. Viking Explorers, the second major content update for Total War Battles: Kingdom is now live across all platforms, and introduces a myriad of new features and additions for the game.

Check out the Vikings Explorers trailer of Total War Battles: Kingdom, showcasing the update’s key features:

“With formidable new Viking mercenary units and a brand new ‘Viking Outposts’ game mode, this sizeable update will see players band together with the Vikings on expeditions to uncharted islands. In weekly competitions, players will colonise new lands in search of resources, receiving gold in exchange for their efforts, with the most diligent players being richly rewarded.

The Viking Explorers update also features a brand new Flood Relief system to help players combat the devastating forces of nature, and introduces an improved PvP matchmaking system, skill resets for units and a significant upgrade to fishing, among many other things.

With new units, features and a brand new game mode, the Viking Explorersupdate provides unparalleled opportunities for players to develop their kingdom and vanquish their enemies.

The Viking Explorers update is available now across all platforms.


Play on Phones, Tablet, and PC, whenever you want, wherever you want. No matter which platform you choose, actions in Total War Battles: KINGDOM will carry over onto any other device you play on, so you can continue to expand your Realm at home, work, or out and about.

Total War Battles: KINGDOM is available for free on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android devices, PC and Mac.”

For more information on Total War Battles: Kingdom, visit its official website.

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