VGAs To Have ‘Double Digit’ New Game Announcements

While The Video Game Awards, or VGAs,  is held at the end of the year to praise achievements in gaming made throughout the year, it is also well known for its large number of game announcements. Geoff Keighley, in an interview with Kotaku and Polygon Co-Founder Brian Crecente, has given details as to what we can expect when The Video Game Awards airs on December 9th from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

Shared via the Epic Store, Keighley announced that he expects to showcase 40-50 games during the event “some way or another,” with the majority of these games are expected to release in either 2022 or 2023. He also stated that the show should still be split evenly between awards being presented and games announcements.

The show will also feature trailers for things that are not games, which is not uncommon. These trailers will include television shows or movies that are gaming-related or inspired by games. This could hint to audiences first looking at the upcoming Last of Us television adaptation, or something new entirely.

Unlike the previous year, which saw the show held digitally, the VGA’s will return to a more familiar format. That being said Covid-19 safety procedures will be in place for the event. This includes the size of the audience being cut in half, being invite-only, vaccinations being required, as well as masks being required.

Last year’s viewership for the event nearly doubled from the 43 million of the previous year, being viewed by about 83 million. Due to this Keighley made a point to temper expectations this year, stating:

You know, maybe if we hit 100 million that would be something, but yeah, I mean, we’re obviously not going to be doubling every year. That’s not sustainable. But honestly, we don’t really think that much about the numbers. We just make the best show we can.

What we can expect to see during The Video Game Awards is anybody’s guess at this point but with the number of announcements, there should be something for everybody.

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