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Vermintide 2’s Winds of Magic Expansion Set for August

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Vermintide 2’s Winds of Magic Expansion Set for August

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 released in March 2018 for PC while gaining several updates and a couple of DLC to keep the game running fresh. Well now it seems like Fatshark released a new cinematic trailer for the game’s Winds of Magic Expansion that’s set for August 2019.

The trailer shows the story of a beastman who comes out for revenge during the Vermintide 2 incident. After hearing the voices of our 5 protagonists, the trailer shows that the Expansion will be available sometime in August. While there are no details for a specific date, players will be able to sign up for the closed beta for the DLC which will be playable in June.

According to their website, the Expansion should give Vermintide 2 many new additions including a new enemy faction, the Beastmen. They are hybrids of human and bests who have the intelligence of a man and cunning of wild animals. “With profound malice for order and reason, these children of chaos want to end the world in bloody carnage.

Along with new enemies, each character get one new weapon class. Characters will get a raised level cap along with a new higher difficulty and a new level that features the beastmen. Of course the new Winds of Magic game mode will bring a new set of challenges for Vermintide 2’s endgame. These modifiers include playing in a “chunk of an existing adventure map,” new specific objectives, a finale for doing the objectives, and difficulty increasing the further they go in a level.

As Vermintide 2 could use some serious gameplay tweaks to garner the attention of its playerbase, this new Winds of Magic expansion could be what the Vermintide 2 community needs.

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