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Capcom Teases Resident Evil 3
Capcom Teases Resident Evil 3

Various Tweets From Capcom May Be Teasing Resident Evil 3 Remake

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After the monumental success Capcom has had over the last year or so, fans want the veteran game studio to keep up the pace. With the Resident Evil 2 Remake and Devil May Cry V knocking it out of the park in the early months of 2019, and last year’s revival of Monster Hunter on consoles – it’s hard to argue that Capcom is winning over their fans – both new and old – for an exciting future.

Capcom seems to be aware of the recent hype surrounding the studio, as they have apparently took to Twitter for what seems to be subtle teases towards their next title. While the RE2 Remake was a title long overdue, it leaves many fans craving more older classics of the series with a “built from the ground up” experience. And evidently, Capcom may just believe in the same theory.

With the two images from the Resident Evil official Twitter page, both seem to hint towards what many think is a Resident Evil 3 Remake incoming. The first shows off the original Resident Evil Remake starring Jill Valentine (also playable in Resident Evil 3) with a subtle caption of “Ever feel like somebody’s watching you…?”, which may reference RE3’s Nemesis who stalks the player throughout the game.

And the second seems even more destined to be a RE3 tease as it shows off a mysterious hole in the wall found in RE2 Remake which, again, seems as though it’s referencing Nemesis. Since parts of RE3 take place before the events of RE2 in the same location, could this be a bit of foreshadowing for what’s to come in the future?

It’s hard not to be a bit excited (and curious) as to what Capcom’s intentions were by posting images of not only their recent RE2 Remake, but why go all the way back to posting an image from the original RE Remake which last released on modern consoles in 2015? If Capcom’s recent history should tell us anything, it’s that they truly seem to be listening to their fans – and would assume they want to keep the ball of success rolling. What better way than a ground up remake of the next title in line of the series?

Stay tuned for any more updates, leaks or teases regarding what Capcom is cooking up for the future.

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