The Universim Goes From Pre-Alpha to Alpha Stage

It was announced by Crytivo Games, that they have just released the newest patch 0.0.10 for their upcoming game The Universim. With it, their game moved from pre-alpha into alpha stage. On the exact same day the game was introduced to their 5000 Kickstarter backers. They have also know that players love wizards and other similar creatures. In order to meet the players expectations, they are bringing a witch Doctor’s hut to the game, who will cure ill inhabitants of the player’s settlement.

Check out some screenshots of The Universim, showcasing some of the features present in the new update for the game:

“We would like to present our game – Universim. It is a god-game title that aims to revive the glory days of the genre. It is not a copycat of any previous games in this genre, but rather a tribute for the genre itself. You get a randomly created planet on which you ought to take care of your lieges. The happier they are, the more efficiently they work. And if they come up with an idea of revolting… Well, a small meteor should remind them who is the God here.

Finally, when you take your first spaceship into orbit of your planet, you will be able to colonize other players’ worlds. Or die there, if their army is stronger.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. We have fixed numerous bugs from earlier versions of the game. From small things like

Nuggets sleeping in somebody else’s house to starving to death while there’s plenty of food. Additionally, you can hide your HUD now in order to take screenshots anytime you like. Well prospering village – printscreen!

Beautiful view of the sunrise at the top of the planet – printscreen! From now on, an icon showing what they are up to will sometimes appear over the heads of certain Nuggets. And before you go, we just want to let you know that we also gave you some God powers in a simple, circle menu.

Even though not everything is available from there at the moment, you can see what the plans for the future are. Yes, that also means natural disasters you can cause!


  • Take care of all, from simplest to most complex, needs of Nuggets and ensure that they are happy.
  • Decide where new buildings should stand and which ones to erect.
  • Aim to have as many kids as possible so that your civilization lives long and prospers, buildings do not fall down and all illnesses are cured.
  • Lead your lieges from stone age to space travels showing your good heart or ruling with an iron fist.
  • Enjoy the beautiful graphics like never before in god-games!

Universim does not have a release date yet. It is currently available on Windows, Mac and Linux in a relatively early stage of development, both on Steam or GOG.”

For more information on The Universim, visit its official website.