Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Debuts on Steam Early Access

Ultimate Fishing Simulator Debuts on Steam Early Access

Ultimate Games announced that since Thursday (30th of November this year) their new fishing simulator has been available on the Steam within the Early Access – Ultimate Fishing Simulator. The elements that distinguish the product include realistic models of fishing, very good graphics, photorealistic system of water and diversified methods of fishing. The creators of the game intend also to concentrate on the multiplayer mode. It has been preliminary announced that the game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Check out the gameplay trailer of Ultimate Fishing Simulator, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The new fishing stimulator is a product of Ultimate Games and Bit Golem. In the process of development were included, among others, persons involved in creation of competing fishing games (e.g. Fishing Planet).

For a first few months the game will be available in the Early Access model. During this time the creators intend to develop individual elements. The final version which will include all planned updates and plugins is expected to be complete in May/June 2018.

New quality

The creators state that their aim was to create a realistic fishing stimulator and to set new standards in the category of fishing stimulators.
“Ultimate Fishing Stimulator is a game created by persons who are not only passionate but also experienced creators. In comparison to competing products it is distinguished by its graphic and unique and for now the most advanced system of photorealistic water on Unity engine – it is our original Ultimate Water System. What is important the player can use fishing technics which are very rare in simulators e.g. ground fishing, fly fishing, and sea angling. There will be also e.g. the view from the point of view of bait. A system of dynamic weather changes in the day-night cycle plays a very important role. Additionally players will be given the possibility to create their own fishing grounds and fishing equipment” says Mateusz Zawadzki, CEO of Ultimate Games.

As Mateusz Zawadzki explains, most of the components will be available on the date of the premiere on Steam Early Access, this excludes however, among others, ice fishing and creating player’s own fishing grounds and equipment. The whole will be steadily developed and improved. Initially fishing in the single player mode and limited mode of multiplayer will be available. The latter will be well developed in the next months.

Fishing realism

The creators of the game prepared several dozen of fish species including not only the small ones (e.g. crucian and bluegill) but also the larger ones (e.g. Atlantic blue marlin). In the case of fishing in open water, it will be possible to choose between several different boats including yacht and motorboat. Ultimately it is planned to make available 7 or 8 fishing grounds, which have been created on the basis of fishing grounds from all over the world, so that the maps will have diversified ecosystem which will provide great diversity.

“Working on Ultimate Fishing Simulator, we are constantly assisted by experienced fishermen. A part of our team consists of people passionate about fishing themselves. Our aim was not only to create realistic textures but also to enhance realism by the use of other elements. As a result we adjusted parameters of bait for each species of fishes, basing on the gathered specialist knowledge. In practice it means that it will be impossible to catch a marlin using corn as bait. The system of weather changes also plays a very important role. Such changes in reality have direct impact on pressure and, in turn, bahaviour of fishes. It is similar in the case of our game – wind affects the size of the waves, rain is visible on the surface of water, etc. Certain things would require then our bigger concentration on bait, because e.g. bait would be less visible in the case of big waves” explains Mateusz Zawadzki.

At the beginning player will be given for use only single particular elements of fishing equipment. As part of the progress the player will be given points of experience and virtual money which will influence the development of a character, unlocking points of abilities (necessary e.g. to use a boat or for ice fishing) and purchase of other elements of fishing equipment.

Online competition and creation of fishing grounds

A very important part of Ultimate Fishing Simulator is multiplayer mode of the game, option of creation of the player’s own fishing grounds and equipment. At the beginning the online competition will be possible, among others, in First Catch mode (the player who catches a fish first wins) and Total Weight mode (the biggest total weight of caught fishes decides on the win).

Players will be given access to detailed statistics concerning catch and global results and their own trophy room. The producer announces that ultimately occasional challenges including tournaments for all players will be held. It is planned, among others, to make it possible for the players to spend time in one room (public or private) where they will be able to use chat and obtain data in the matter of fishing.”

For more information on Ultimate Fishing simulator, visit its Steam page.

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