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Ubisoft+ Soon To Be Available On Xbox Featured Image
Ubisoft+ Soon To Be Available On Xbox Featured Image

Ubisoft+ Soon To Be Available On Xbox

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Xbox players that are fans of Ubisoft are in for a little gift from the developer later this year. In an announcement made on their news page earlier this week, it has been stated their subscription is coming to Xbox. For those who are unfamiliar with the service, Ubisoft+ is their version of Xbox’s Game Pass. The service was originally designed for PC and it contains 100+ titles from the gaming dev. It comes at a single monthly cost with DLC and games available at launch. In-game items, cosmetics, boosters as well as monthly rewards to boot.

With the release of their subscription on the Xbox platform, it will also be having Rainbow Six Extraction available for Xbox game pass and PC game pass members alike on day one. So if you are off to a rough start this year no worries, some good news is on the way. Also, for those unfamiliar with Rainbow Six Extraction or who are new to the Rainbow Six series as a whole. This quote down below from their news page gives insight into what the gaming experience should be like.

Quote from Ubisoft news page

Rainbow Six Extraction is a co-operative PVE experience that places players in the shoes of well-known Rainbow Six Siege operators with up to three friends. Facing off against a mysterious alien menace that threatens life on Earth. With 18 operators to choose from and a variety of unique gadgets and weapons at their disposal. Players will need to communicate and think tactically to take on their otherworldly adversaries and safely extract their captured teammates.

Ubisoft deciding to release their platform on Microsoft’s turf is an interesting move. Considering most companies out there at the moment have been big on exclusive releases. Both on the gaming and application fronts. However, on the flip side, it also shows the trust they have in the platform and their ability to attract new subscribers and enjoyers of their work. The release date for the Xbox version of Ubisoft+ is yet to be announced. Though with the announcement being made so early in the year we can hope to be seeing this experience very soon.

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