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Judgment New Character Intros
Judgment New Character Intros

Two New Characters, Kaito And Fujii, Introduced For Judgment

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With the western release of Ryu Ga Gotoku’s upcoming Yakuza spin-off, Judgment, now just over a month away, Sega and the development are providing fans with a deeper insight on the game and it’s many characters. While we’ve already been introduced to a number of the characters thus far, two more important character have been shared with new videos starring the voice actors behind them.

Friend of protagonist Yagami, Masaharu Kaito, relies on his aggressive behavior and resilient friendship to Judgment’s main hero. His English voice actor Crispin Freeman dubs these types of characters as “Hurricane” characters since they typically see themselves as laid back and collective one moment, and a whirlwind of emotions the next.

Check out the video of Kaito in the tweet from Ryu Ga Gotoku below:

Next, the prosecutor and romantic lead for Yagami, Mafuyu Fujii, is detailed as a “well-rounded” and “multi-dimensional” character in the game. English voice actress Cherami Leigh explains in detail why she loved portraying the role of Fujuu in Judgment.

Check out the video of Fujii from the tweet form the development studio below:

While Judgment has been available in Japan since December 2018, the western release is slated for June 25, 2019 exclusively for the PS4.

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