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Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Changes Developers
Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Changes Developers

Twisted Metal Reboot Reportedly Changes Developers – Rumor

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While we have heard nothing in the way of official news, reports have made the rounds that a reboot of the popular violent death car franchise Twisted Metal was in development from Sony. According to these rumors the team behind the PlayStation 5 launch title Destruction All-Stars, Lucid Games, were the developers helming this project. In fairness, while Destruction All-Stars did not perform well from a financial standpoint it was well made from a technical standpoint and does fit into a similar wheelhouse as Twisted Metal.

Now we have new rumors making the circulation that Lucid Games has been removed from the project, with Sony instead opting to place development with a first-party studio.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified on our end, therefore we cannot confirm this as factual.

According to VGC, a source close to the project told them that the game is still planned, but development had been moved away from the UK Based Lucid Games. Instead, development is planned to be helmed by a first-party studio located somewhere in Europe. While no studio was officially named the list of candidates includes Horizon: Forbidden West developer Guerilla Games, Recently acquired Returnal developer Housemarque, VR game Blood & Truth developer London Studio, Dreams, and Little Big Planet developer Media Molecule, as well as newly acquired studios Nixxes and Firesprite.

Neither Sony nor Lucid Games have made an official statement on this matter, which makes sense considering that if the game is in development it has remained relatively quiet since development had stated. Internally no reasons have been claimed either, though the source for VGA stated that most likely the mixed reception for Destruction All-Stars was to blame. This would track with Sony, given statements made about their uninterest in a Days Gone sequel despite it having decent sales.

Destruction All-Stars also saw issues with its release. Originally slated to release at the new price point on PlayStation 5 which is $70, it was released on PlayStation Plus for two months before being released in the store at a significantly reduced price. Despite being free the game struggled to find a large audience among mixed reviews.

The last entry in the Twisted Metal franchise was also a reboot, released in 2012. While we will have to wait till an official statement is made in regards to the game, a TV series based on the game was announced in 2019.

Source – VGC

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