My Lovely Daughter Announced For switch
My Lovely Daughter Announced For switch

Twisted Alchemist Simulator, My Lovely Daughter, Heads Over To Switch Soon

The once PC exclusive title from GameChanger Studios, My Lovely Daughter, will find its way over to the Switch next week. The game pits players into the role of an alchemist who’s tragically lost his daughter, but vows to brings her back using unsavory methods of alchemy and murder.

The game challenges players with creating dozens of homunculi – forged daughters through alchemy – only to murder them in hopes of retaining pieces of their soul in order to restore his true daughter’s soul. Creating separate bonds with each homunculi to grow their by adapting to their unique personalities, give them gifts and hold deep conversations with them is all part of the game in order retrieve particular soul fragments so you can piece them together to recreate your own daughters reincarnated soul.

And if selfish alchemy and murder aren’t enough to add to Faust’s repertoire, tasking these homunculi with various jobs around town in order to support your dastardly deeds and lifestyle is also part of the experience.

Check out the announcement trailer for My Lovely Daughter below:

My Lovely Daughter Released originally released in March 2018 for the PC, but will arrive next week on the Switch on May 23, 2019.

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